Best Landing Page Builders

A landing page is any webpage that someone lands on after clicking on your site from Google or from a marketing promotion like Facebook ads. 

A landing page will be the first page a person sees when they visit your site. And ultimately is the first impression they get.

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Now they say people make their minds up within the first few seconds of meeting you and the same could be said for your website, which is essentially a window into your company. That being said it is obviously vitally important that you create a memorable first impression. 

And that is where a great Landing page can mean the difference between converting sales and hardly any sales. 

You could have a fantastic product or service, but if your landing page is muddled, not thought out and difficult to navigate without any clear message. Prospective customers will lose interest very quickly and find what they’re looking for somewhere else.

On the other hand, a great landing page that is clearly thought out, has a clear message and call-to-action and doesn’t confuse the visitor has the potential of converting like a mega monster! It’s up to you to decide what you prefer.

Below I have made a few recommendations of different popular landing page builders. Some are very easy to use systems and have them built-for-you, others have a bit more space for customization and others are designed for WordPress. 

1. ClickfunnelsImage result for clickfunnels

By far the most popular sales funnel software on the market. Clickfunnels has loads of different landing pages to choose from as well as a number of other pages you can use for your site. Including sales pages, checkout pages, opt-in forms and even thank you pages. 


Clickfunnels will almost guarantee you sales as long as your product doesn’t stink. Russel Brunson and the Clickfunnels team use tried and tested landing/sales pages that convert. Clickfunnels allows for easy customization as well as ready to use pages. It’s drag and drop feature lets you customize with ease without knowing any code or other tech stuff. 

When building a landing page, it is important to add other pages to your website and lead the customer down a funnel. Clickfunnels allows you to do just that and make sure you convert your leads into customers. 

2. Instapage

Image result for Instapage

Instapage is another fantastic software program that allows for customization of landing pages. Seen by many as the best landing page generator out there, it has gained a fantastic reputation with over 250,000 customers. If you are new to internet marketing or selling products online and completely computer illiterate, than Instapage would be a great option for you. 


It’s easy and simple to follow, It has done-for-you pages which you can customize (although, not as much as Clickfunnels), or you can use them as is. Instapage specializes more in landing pages although it does have some other great features which you can use, including form pages and a great optimization performance suite. 

3. Lander

Image result for Landerapp

Lander’s mission is to create successful landing pages that convert your visitors into paying customers and that’s essentially what you’re looking for. A relatively new company on the scene. All their features are built to convert customers. They also have an A/B testing strategy which allows you to geek out on the analytics. Although Clickfunnels and Instapage also have this option. 


The integrated embedding tools include a Facebook page tab and Google Maps coordinator, tying in with the social media platforms where most of your visitors are likely to come from.

4. Elementor

Image result for Elementor

A comprehensive WordPress plugin that allows for customization of any WordPress site. You have both a free and a pro version. Although the paid version is obviously much better and has way more features. 

With Elementor no coding is required and it has an easy drag and drop feature which allows for simple changes. You can choose from dozens of widgets, hundreds of different templates and allows for a lot more customization of your site than most other plugins.


Although easy to use and handle and you have the ability to create beautifully designed web pages. You still have to build the sites yourself and workout how they should be laid out which means it’s not necessarily designed to convert customers into sales, but if you have the know-how then you can! 


Clickfunnels and Instapage have tried and tested landing pages ready to use and are proven to convert. Both intuitive interfaces and you have the ability to customize to any product or service. 

With Elementor you have the ability to customize your site any way you like, giving you the chance to create beautiful web pages. But they won’t necessarily have the pulling power Instapage or Clcikfunnels do unless you know exactly how to lay out your landing page. Lander has not been around for that long, but from first impressions, it seems pretty great, oh and it’s the cheapest!

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